A summer Tale
Cyclades Island
Ph. Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
This time SIGMA gave me the immense opportunity to test not only lenses, but also the new flagship of the house, the fp L full frame camera.
We are talking about a new super compact mirrorless, with a 61 megapixel sensor.
Mtrading (Sigma Italia) sent me also a real dream kit, consisting of the electronic viewfinder and:
SIGMA 14-24 2.8 Art | SIGMA 35 1.4 Art | SIGMA 65 2.0 I | SIGMA 100-400 C
I packed my backpack and left for the Cyclades. Incredibly, for the first time in 10 years, the backpack had an acceptable weight, although it was complete with all necessary optics! SIGMA's work on the mirrorless sector (both on the camera and on the lenses) really makes a difference.
This was the perfect playground to have fun with the shallow depth of field of SIGMA 35mm at f 1.4.
I had a great feeling with the fp L. With the addition of the electronic viewfinder (easily attached and just as easily removed) the grip is good, and I really appreciate being able to rotate the viewfinder vertically. Despite the "vintage" look, the ability to move the viewfinder allows for better precision in framing.
The only flaw, the lack of automatic switch between LCD and viewfinder, a function however implemented in these days with a firmwere update.
The city of Oia climbs up the caldera, to capture its essence I prefer wide lenses, such as 14-24 and 35mm.
The hours pass and the real ritual of Santorini is approaching: the sunset.
Everything on this island seems marked by the sunset. Entire cities overlook the caldera to allow you to enjoy a unique blue panorama during the day and to appreciate the sunset in the evening.
We wait for the ritual to take place at the ruins of the castle, overlooking the most spectacular side
When the sun plunges into the Aegean, the lights of Oia turn on and the magic happens.
During the day the sun burns on the immense black volcanic sand beaches.
the vines grow on the ground and decorate the churches scattered all over the place
a minimal look with the 65mm f2 I series, a real surprise of sharpness and compactness 
Unlike many other places, santorini is a perfect location for shots ... at noon.
that is the moment when the white and blue of the cities enhance their best face
SIGMA fp L and 14-24 Art are made to be together
Here we are in Fira, another wonderful city of Santorini overlooking the sea. No one on the streets, all for us.
It took very little to get carried away with SIGMA fp-L's controls.
I point out that, for those like me who prefer to use the viewfinder for shots, it is essential to set the focus point using the wheel (by default this is not allowed and you should use the touch on the display, which, however, is inconvenient with the viewfinder. You have then to set this option on the menu).
As for the handle, given the lightness I have always held the SIGMA fp L in my hand, together with my Peak Design wrist strap. Even if its minimal structure does not actually have a true grip, I found it rather comfortable to grip it directly from the lens hook .
Staircase to the sunset, from Imerovigli in Santorini
SIGMA fp L with 14-24 2.8 Art
At the Blue Hour Oia is just perfect.
On the next day we leave to another island, Folegandros
it is a smaller island, less inhabited and certainly more authentic, in some ways: the classic place where, as they say, time seems to have stopped.

fresh octopuses drying at the sun - SIGMA fp L and 35mm 1.4

I love wandering through the alleys of Hora, the "biggest" town, with my light fp L on the wrist.
It seems that the town is particularly appreciated by wild cats, so I choose to reward them with a photographic retrospective: "stray cats from Folegandros" :D
The focusing seems definitely improved in this great new SIGMA fp L camera (it also gains on-sensor phase detection autofocus, which the previous fp lacked).
During the day, after a priceless bath in the remote Katergo beach, the sun beats down and the old part of town (Kastro) is deserted
Well...almost deserted. 
The only inhabitant present in the square has such a charismatic look that I decide to steal a portrait from him from afar, with the SIGMA 100-400
Towards evening we climb up the sloping road that leads to the Panagia church.
The road is steep, as is the mountain on which I go up for the sunset. The SIGMA mirrorless kit is really a turn on for these occasions.
it's time to jump to another island in the Cyclades, this time Milos!
The island is much larger, the landscape is very varied, and is scattered with very picturesque old fishing harbors, such as Mandrakia, just a few minutes from our beautiful AirBnB.
The morphology of the island is really interesting, not to mention the extraordinary coast of Sarakiniko.
The details of the white rocks are enhanced with the amazing combination of Art Lenses and Sigma fp L.
these days the north wind blows incessantly, but the south coast is well sheltered, with bays of incomparable beauty.
A boat tour to Kaleftico Bay is it is absolutely not to be missed. Again, the fp L is the ideal solution for its compactness and uncommon quality.
During the day we visit other picturesque fishing harbors: Klima is undoubtedly the most iconic.
In the evening we go back to the crazy white beach of Sarakiniko, a true gem and the perfect photo playground (and for a tripod selfie)
Time runs out when you're having fun, so it's already time to go home.
One last night in Santorini, with the last unforgettable sunset, immortalized with SIGMA fp L and the 100-400 c.
Final thoughts on SIGMA fp L:
after years of using Canon reflex cameras, it was only in 2019 that I switched to the Sony a7rIII mirrorless system.
Last year I had the opportunity to test the SIGMA fp, and despite having appreciated its compactness and quality, I did not believe it could replace my Sony, mainly due to 3 limitations (naturally related to my type of use): lack of electronic viewfinder, autofocus system not up to par and too low resolution compared to the Sony.
That said, with the new fp L, SIGMA seems to have met my 3 needs.
All the above features that were missing in the "fp" have now been "corrected" in the new camera, which really surprised me.
I am really happy with this new camera, which I loved:
1) uniqueness in style, between modern and vintage (I honestly think it's the sexiest mirrorless on the market :D);
2) compactness and lightness;
3) the adjustable electronic viewfinder;
4) extraordinary resolution;
5) accuracy in focusing.
If I was already certain that SIGMA lenses were my favourites on the market, from today I can say that SIGMA fp L is probably the camera body that best meets my needs (compactness, quality, resolution, style).
Well done SIGMA!
Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
Thank you!