A late spring Tale
Naples and amalfi coast at 35mm
Sony α7rIII and SIGMA 35mm 1.4 Art
Ph. Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
Thanks to SIGMA Italia I had the chance to test the brand new SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG DN | Art, designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras, featuring a lightweight, compact form, premium construction, and outstanding optical quality. An evolution of a true classic
I took it with me on a long weekend to Naples and Amalfi Coast...and I really loved it.
First stop was on Vietri by the sea, a small town at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast (if you start from Salerno), famous for the ancient tradition of working with ceramics.
This was the perfect playground to have fun with the shallow depth of field of SIGMA 35mm at f 1.4.
A small artisan world full of details and colors.
It is a compact and fast lens, capable of capturing surprising details, even at f 1.4.
Let's move on to Ravello, a true gem listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
A few sights of Villa Rufolo, whose gardens inspired Wagner for the scenographies of the Parsifal Opera.
I love how this lens behaves in high contrast conditions
This terrace overlooking the sea leaves you enchanted every time.
Strolling among the luxuriant vegetation and flowers, lulled by a fresh spring breeze
A memorable lunch "da Salvatore", where each dish is a work of art, at least as much as the view
Then, on the road again, and the Amalfi Coast route is a truly awesome road!
Atrani, 800 inhabitants and 0.12 kmq, is the smallest Italian municipality. Yet it seems to me that it lacks nothing ...
Walking through the tiny historic center, this wonderful timeless glimpse deserved a shot, and I was delighted to have such an excellent lens to capture it.
The distortion is almost zero, the color rendering exceptional.
In the afternoon we take a break at the wonderful and less known Furore's Fjord
then we hit the road again, destination Positano
Panoramic of 3 vertical freehand shots. The 35mm focal length is perfect for every use
at f 1.4 the details are amazing, and SIGMA captures enough light to be perfect for a freehand blue hour
The next day we can stroll all through the streets of Naples. It is a bit cloudy, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the city
An aperitif at the historic Caffe Letterario Intra Moenia, one of my favorite hideaways in the city. I love the versatility of this lens, it's perfect for both details and background photos.
Wander through Port'Alba, among booksellers and antique dealers
We take Spaccanapoli, and the scent of street food invites you to take a number of unmissable breaks
Naples knows how to work street food magic with this Cuoppo, a cone filled with an assortment of fried delicacies such as veggies meat seafood croquettes and other goodies
The SIGMA 35mm proves to be the perfect lens for documenting any travel situation. Look at the details of the Cuoppo di mare at f 1.4 : I think it is wonderful, as well as the delicate bokeh
A stop at the Taralleria Napoletana Leopoldo for another unmissable taste, handmade and freshly baked
the appetite comes with eating ... so the Queen's time has come: Pizza Margherita from Gino Sorbillo ai Tribunali
We continue through the streets of the city center, then a short stop at the Galleria Umberto under renovation, next to the famous Teatro San Carlo. 
An unmissable Espresso coffee (with Babà) at the historic Caffè Gambrinus
Let's head to the seafront, with a short stop at E.Marinella, sartorial ties sanctuary
The Bokeh around the in-focus details is spectacular, isn't it?
'O pere e 'o musso, a typical Neapolitan dish, wich name, in Italian, means "the foot and the muzzle" and refers to its main ingredients: pig's feet and cow snouts.
Finally, we head towards Borgo Marinari, where the lapping of the waves cradles the fishing boats, guarded by Vesuvius volcano in the background.
Among the historic fish restaurants in the village, we choose the most recent Officina del Mare, which has already carved out an excellent reputation in the city.
You don't play with food, okay, but it is extremely fun to enhance the details of the dishes with this wonderful lens. I can not do without.
Let's focus on the claw of these unforgettable lobster cavatelli
A long day comes to an end. I have just the time to shot the Blue Hour at Castel dell'Ovo with this overview of 4 vertical, freehand shots.
I had always been in love with Naples. 
From today I am also in love with this extraordinary prime lens, the new SIGMA 35mm 1.4 designed specifically for mirrorless, which in just two days earned an immovable owner's seat in my photographic kit.
Thanks to Sigma Foto Italia.
Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
Thank you!