An Autumn Tale
Zoom on autumn
Sony α7rIII and SIGMA 100-400mm c
Ph. Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
What if I admit that my favorite landscape lens is ... a super telephoto lens?
At first I tried with the Canon 70-200, then I switched directly to the 150-600c by SIGMA. Both great lenses, but each had limitations, and the biggest was that they were necessarily complementary. I could not do without neither one nor the other, with obvious problems of portability and weight.
But then SIGMA released the 100-400c ... and it was love at first sight!
On first, I used the Canon mount version, adapted on Sony with the great SIGMA MC-11 ring.
But finally SIGMA released the Sony E-mount version, which now I finally have the privilege of using, thanks to M-Trading. And I admit that's all a mirrorless telephoto lens needs to be.
In this gallery I propose some shots of the Italian autumn 2020, all taken with this wonderful lens.
I love to be able to zoom in up to 400, to find geometries and alignments that are simply impossible to highlight with a normal telephoto lens.
Castelvetro di Modena, Lambrusco Vineyards
But it's awesome to count on such a wide focal range, to reconstruct the frame in an instant, for wider view.
And what about the weight? 1.135g for an ultra telephoto lens is just amazing!. 250g less then the Sony lens.
I had the pleasure of taking it with me in my backpack on hiking, in the Dolomites Alps, and having an ultra-telephoto lens at such a low weight is priceless.

It is a compact and fast lens: the most important difference I found between this model and the adapted Canon version is precisely in the speed of the focus lock. it's instantaneous and almost never wrong.
A few words also about the aperture. f / 5-6.3 might seem too closed at first glance, but it is not if you think about combining it with the latest generation mirrorless cameras.
The ISO management of the new mirrorless (and specifically of my SONY a7r3) overcomes the "issue" of lens aperture. It is enough to make the Camera work at high ISO to have optimal results, without noise, even in difficult light conditions. 

Lago Santo modenese, emilia romagna
In fact, consider that all the photos in this article were taken completely freehand!
In my opinion, with this lens SIGMA has really revolutionized the ultra telephoto lens sector, making it compact, handy and perfect to combine with a mirrorless. A real game-changer
Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
Thank you!